Tim ​Fleming

Senior User Experience ​Designer


I am a User Experience ​Design Leader

I am passionate about UX Design, Artificial Intelligence, ​Healthcare, and their intersection.

For 13+ years I have worked for large organizations as a​ User Experience Designer, User Researcher, and UX​ Lead.​


Sr. UX Designer

Mayo Clinic

2022 - Current

UX Lead

Willis Towers Watson

2018 - 2022

Sr. UX Designer

Willis Towers Watson

2015 - 2018

M.S. User Experience Design

Kent State University

2013 - 2015

B.S. Psychology, Human Factors ​Certificate

University of Utah

2007 - 2011


  • Whiteboarding
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • User Interviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Personas
  • User flows
  • Card sorting
  • Surveys
  • Storyboards
  • Journey maps
  • Content audits
  • Accessibility
  • A​/B Testing


Each one of these Chat GPT bots has a unique purpose ​in the User-Centered Product life-cycle. Each GPT assists ​in creating an artifact, sparking discussion, or ​documenting essential activities.

A mock automated way of ​conducting a basic usability test ​with an AI tester.

I am your go-to for Graphic Design ​help

I am your go-to for proofreading ​assistance

Ask a carefully curated knowledge ​base questions about the ​intersection of UX and AI

Creative Writer

I'll help you create an Information ​Architecture (IA) Diagram

Upload or paste in your user ​feedback data and I will help you ​conduct affinity mapping.

Use storyboarding to help you ​prepare a presentation

Enter your user story. Receive a ​working UI Prototype

Guided writing of a UX Research ​Plan.

Upload your UI Code and UX ​Design and I'll update your code to ​match the design.

Enter a URL, and I'll conduct a ​content inventory of the website

I'll help you write a UX Survey

Upload your wireframe or mockup ​and I'll turn it into code

I'll help you convert your paper ​sketch or whiteboard drawing into ​a functional prototype.

I'll help you convert your paper ​sketch or whiteboard drawing into ​a functional prototype.

I'll help you conduct a Heuristic ​Evaluation on a website

Upload a design and I'll critique it

I'll help you create an analytics ​strategy for your product

I'll help you write your A/B testing ​plan

I'll help you brainstorm some ideas

Enter a new employee's role and ​get a detailed plan

Ill help you build out a user persona

I will help you assemble your User ​Experience Storyboard including ​images

I will help you build out your User ​Experience Journey Map

I will walk you through writing your ​next UX Research report

Enter a topic and I will conduct desk ​research for you.

I will help you write your content

Upload/paste data. Get useful data ​visualizations

Upload a photo of your logo sketch. ​Get a polished digital logo

Enter a UX Design problem. Receive ​advice on how to approach the UX ​problem

Expert in UX Design, engaging in ​collaborative problem-solving.

Take a photo of your hand written ​notes. Get a concise summary.

Help writing, rewriting, enhancing ​content

Expert in detailed competitive ​business analysis

Detailed analysis of webpage ​design components

I create quick UX mockups from ​descriptions

I create quick UX wireframes from ​descriptions

Enter in a description of a software ​feature and get working code. ​Quick UX proof of concepts

Ask for UX advice on a number of ​design topics

Upload a sketch or wireframe. Get a ​high fidelity mockup.

I transcribe and interpret ​whiteboard photos, then create ​data visualizations.

Upload survey response data. ​Receive a useful summary of ​themes and insights.

Enter your prompt in "quotes" and I ​will make it more effective with ​Prompt Optimization techniques

I'll help you craft a logo

Describe your design problem and ​I'll help you determine which type of ​component(s) to use.

I'll help you build an Empathy Map

Describe what feature you need UX ​Design Inspiration for and I'll do the ​research. Select "Get Started"

Provide your current IA or public ​URL and I'll help improve it.

Give me a description of your ​product/feature and I'll help you ​craft and FTUE